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The Vingle Election Winner Announced!
Wow. Time has come to a close with the Vingle elections.. spanning the News, Politics, Movies, Television and Funny Communities (and even sometimes in the Food Community... shout out to food pets!)
Thank you all for participating in a month-long event of the Vingle Elections! It's truly been a blast with the scandals and the debates and the discussions.

But with out further ado!

The Winner Is...

@GalaxyTacoCat! But in a daring last- minute decision, the team decided to combine with @InPlainSight to form :

Team TacoCatInSight

Congrats to the team!

@quietone candidate has also been promoted to Secretary of Feels for the team!

Check out the full results <<HERE>>

Voting is closed now, but please feel free to check out the card and talk with the candidates!

Thank you!

You all worked so hard campaigning and really did some awesome stuff!

Again, thanks to all the candidates for being awesome @InPlainSight @GalaxyTacoCat @TessStevens @paulisaghost @quietone
Check out all the lovely campaigning that went into this. Vingle 2015 Elections!

The Vingle elections will forever be in my heart! High-Fives all around!

Now, it's your time to shine Team TacoCatInSight!

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@NerukaWong Cookieeeeeees nom nom nom
2 years ago·Reply
@iixel I think we might have to infiltrate. I'd do it for the hot sauce though! and then we can bring it to the party with @NerukaWong
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb Woo hot sauce pizza cookie party!
2 years ago·Reply
That sounds like the best kind of party if I ever heard of one @iixel!
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb *clicks imaginary com link* *whispers* Captain! We have the cookies and the pudding! What variety of juice box should we take?
2 years ago·Reply