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Hey everybody! I've been a bit busy so I haven't had a chance to post these yet, but oh my god did VIXX do amazing on their comeback weekend performances!!! If we don't get a win this week, I'll be ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED!!!!
I'm so happy that they got to do 2 songs on each show; it just shows how much more popular and respected VIXX is becoming!

"Chained Up" and "Hot Enough" at Music Bank on 11.13.15!

I was so happy to see we're getting proper stages for Hot Enough, because I am in love with the choreography for it and am super, duper impatient to see dance practices of it and Chained Up!!! The rose petals falling during it are so, so cool!
Watching Chained Up, all I can really think is "how is Hakyeon real, how is he real, he's so good at dancing!"

"Chained Up" and "Stop It Girl" at Music Core on 11.14.15!

I really, really didn't think we'd get a THIRD SONG DURING COMEBACK WEEK!!! This is great! I love Stop It Girl, so being able to see them perform it again after the showcase last week is pretty cool. Plus, they all look f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c. Even if it was just 1:00 of the song, I'm glad they added it on!

"Chained Up" and "Hot Enough" at Inkigayo on 11.15.15!

I honestly can't even put into words how much I love these two performances. Slayed. Done. Over. Fantastic. I'm done.

Which performances were your favorites?

I'm super partial to Inkigayo's filming & sets (they just look so much nicer than the others), so I think those were my favorites this time around! I really, really, REALLY died when Ravi ran his hands through his hair at Inkigayo. Just saying.
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Ahhhhhh! All of their performances are my favorites! 😁❤️❤️
I am literally DYING from both of the Hot Enough is SUCH a get down and dirty song and the hip rolls and just...everything about it!!!!
@KhrystinaLee what omg i love it!! but it's not for everyone I guess ^^
the vid was great, but Leo's hair is too blond for me, And I like bonds!but i really enjoyed this album. Especially 비시시
The performances just keep getting better and better. Every time they perform it I die all over again. God Vixx. Your at about death number 20 now. Cool yourselves, I only have so many lives.