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Popular Diet in Korea: The Enzyme Diet
According to Park Po, eating a combination of enzyme products and enzyme-rich, fermented foods bumps off kilos as they will keep your metabolism up to speed and help you absorb nutrients better. While eating it is the most widespread method (just check out the vast array of enzyme products available online), the enzyme bath, popularized in Japan in the 1960s, is becoming popular as another way to lose weight. How does it work? Spa-goers get buried up to their necks in hot, fermenting rice bran for 15 minutes and sweat it out. According to Park, who incorporates the bath into his company’s spa diet program, it helps break down and expel fat by increasing enzyme activity within your body. He compared those 15 minutes of sweating to a two-hour cardio workout –- certainly a tempting prospect for dieters who dread the treadmill. You should try this Rachelina. It seems like it will be a great experience in the spa :)
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It seems like it would feel like being buried alive. lol
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@avin--this is the one that I really want to try. lol. Must research places to do it.
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could never do it. I hate feeling closed-in
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