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After so much waiting the time has finally come! Made In The AM officially released for purchase on Friday, November 13th 2015 after releasing the first 3 hit songs; which included Drag Me Down, Infinity, and Perfect.
For those of you who got the privilege to see them live this past year on their tour titled, "On The Road Again" you may have gotten to hear Drag Me Down live for one of the first times... That alone got you even more excited for the new album! I was actually one of those lucky ones who saw the tour. On August 23rd me and my mom drove 6 hours to Chicago Illinois to see the boys at Soldier Field. This was the first time I've seen them and it was the BEST show I've ever seen in my life and I've been to a lot of concerts! And the first single off the new album, Drag Me Down was just officially released a month or so prior so I got to hear it live!!
So here's the hard part. What is your most favorite song so far off of the new album? Mine is End of the Day followed closely behind by Love Me Goodbye. Let me know yours in the comments!!! 馃槉
Perfect! Love that track.
FREAKING OUTTTTT haha actually listening to this right now on Spotify I bet @shannonl5 @melifluosmelodi are freaking out too!
@nicolejb perfect track 3 is my favorite off the album haha i was answering your posts question
It makes me nervous... But Niall said on Twitter that they will for sure be back. Just taking a long, well deserved vaca. @nicolejb
Yea I reallyyyyy like If I Could Fly too! I have same problem! Haha @nicolejb
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