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Tres Chic: Caovilla's Burano
For your consideration ladies...Rene Caovilla's stunning T-strap and lace and crystal embroidered pump, called the Burano, is STUNNING!
Don't flinch at the $1,400 price. These are worth every cent! And if you have eyes to see, then what I just wrote is both redundant and obvious!
Both you and your mom and kill it at the wedding! You wear the gold, mom can wear the black (or vice-versa).
Loving the vibe of Rene Caovilla? Maybe you've never been introduced to the designer. Well, click here for more GAG-WORTHY CAOVILLA MADNESS (among other drool-worthy heels)!
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Really? I've looked at this image on my phone, tablet and computer...I don't see a cow's foot. LOLOL That's too bad that it appears that way.