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So I was tagged by my new homie and potato sister, @Jiyongixoxo thanks, girl. My wallpaper and lockscreen pretty much change on a whim but ATM this is what I'm rocking. So we have Exhibit A.....my wallpaper is Giriboy aka Giribae trying on some new kicks....I mean HOW ADORABLE IS HE?? <(‾︶‾)>
Aaaand Exhibit B....my lockscreen featuring Daddy aka Simon D. and Gray the Bae♥ My Wallpaper on my tablet is awesome....it's the Jay Park Metronome MV. Imma tag my boo @aabxo My R.O.D @StephanieDuong.....@poojas I haven't seen you floating around here in awhile...where you at?? Lol I don't usually tag so I guess whoever hasn't done this, DO IT.
@StephanieDuong 😂 😂 i know
@Jiyongixoxo You already know that Gray is Erica's bae! xD
I saw this and was like AAaayyy giriboy and then before I scrolled down I was like hmmm I guarantee you she has Gray as her lockscreen😂😂😂
@Jiyongixoxo @StephanieDuong 😂😂😂 Y'all already knew it..... Gray is Bae♥
I'll do this later/tomorrow!! I'm jam packed with homework right now..(ノД`) College life is no joke... (╥_╥) But thank you for the tag my dear friend! I love your wallpapers. ;)
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