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I made a card about phrases you need in cafes >>here<< but some Vinglers brought up a good point...not everyone likes coffee!
Here's a really simple tea version, and you can check out the rest of the cafe vocab on the original card :)

What do you want?

Most tea words are pretty much the same as the English word!
Tea: 차 (cha) sometimes they just say "티" (pronounced tea) though!
Earl Grey: 얼그레이 (eol-geu-re-i)
Green Tea: 녹차/그린티 (nok-cha or geu-rin ti)
Peppermint: 페퍼민트 (pe-peo-min-teu)
Chamomile: 카모마일 (ka-mo-ma-il)
To ask for a hot drink: 따뜻한 _______ (dda-ddeut-han) Like, 따뜻한 녹차 :)
To ask for an iced drink: 아이스 _____ (a-i-seu) Like, 아이스 티 :)


Since water is free, you can go up to the counter and ask for more hot water in your cup for a second cup of tea :)

Here's how:

따뜻한 물 더 주세요 (more warm water please!) ((dda-ddeut-han mul deo ju-se-yo))
or you could just say "물 더 주세요" (more water please) and they'll understand :)

Test yourself!

Can you understand this dialog?

A. 따뜻한 페퍼민트 티 한잔 주세요
B. 페퍼민트 티 따뜻한 거로?
A. 네.

If you have any questions or helpful words I missed, please leave them in the comments!

If you aren't a coffee OR a tea drinker, try "핫쵸코" "아이스 쵸코" (hot or iced chocolate!) (thanks @RobertMarsh for the inspiration!)
For saying how many cups or tea, "to-go" or "I don't need a receipt" check out >>this card right here<<
How about some tea? @Airess95 @EmilyGardner @Jiyongixoxo :)
Ah where was I for this lesson, I love tea !! or shall I say 차
I was wondering about hot chocolate XD
@mistymaity lol this is such a multi-lingual card now :D
Tea is called chai in Hindi too.
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