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Brow envious? Maybe just a smidge? Trust me, it's hard not to stare at these gorgeous brows. Leave it to professional makeup artist, Jenny Cole, to make brows so epic!
If you struggle with your brows, you're not alone. Women (and men) deal with unruly, sparce and stubborn brows all the day long, which is why I am sharing her EASY TIPS to getting expert brows--even when transitioning into a newer shape than you currently have.

Take a look:

1. Brush through into the desired shape.
2. Next, fill in any gaps or lighter areas.
3. Beneath the brow, draw a line using a no.20 brush to blend the product out. This creates definition along the bottom.
4. Finally, finish with clear brow gel.
TIP: Find the brand you love and trust. However, Pro Pencil and Brow Powder Duo, by Anastasia Beverly Hills gives excellent, soft coverage. Choose a shade lighter than your natural hair color for a more natural effect. Go dark to keep it bold and dramatic.
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