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Congratulations. You've made it to yet another week.

As you journey throughout this new week thats upon us, remember to be thankful. Thanksgiving is in less than two weeks and often times we wait until we are carving the turkey and enjoying the desserts to mention all that we happen to be thankful for. Don't wait until the last minute.
Show your gratitude each and every day, even if you do have to wake up for work at the crack of dawn for five days this week. Make the most of it -- and if that sounds like too much of a challenge, keep scrolling and allow these five quotes to give you the motivation to be thankful and have a positive attitude throughout the week.
If you want something different for your life, you first have to step outside of your shell and try something different. Doing the same things gets you nowhere.
You'll be waiting for months, maybe even years. If you want that perfect moment, you have to choose to create that moment for yourself. Besides, if you want something go get it.
Okay, so you have five long, tiring days until Friday. We all do. Don't stress. Try your best to make the most of your week and you won't even realize how quick Friday pops up on you.
Why start small when you can start out big? The bigger, the better. Make the most of it.
In simple terms, this week make sure that you choose happiness above all else.

Remember, in all you do this week, remain positive.

It matters in the long run.