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I have finished the manga, and am completely up to date on the anime (TV and movies, minus the Boruto movie). I have also finished the first English rendition of "Kakashi's Story" (side note: are there supposed to be illustrations with it, or is it just a typical novel?). All this being said, I am curious as to what is next to come for the series. I know of the gaiden novels and manga set to release in English over these next couple of years, but will there be a Naruto part 3? Or a continuation of the story with the younger generation? Anyone who is able to shed some light on this topic is more than welcome to comment and share your valuable knowledge to this helpless and adoring fan!
Haha yeah I completely agree wait is only downside. @dallaskaiser2 and yeah it's always nice having real life input than having to google and try and figure everything out. That's why I love vingle!!
@LuffyNewman That's great! More volumes, more Naruto, I'm not complaining haha! (well except about the wait). But thank you so much, it's so much easier to talk to a person than to try to google everything haha!
@dallaskaiser2 any questions about stuff your always free to ask I'm pretty knowledgeable in anime and manga. As well as many NAKAMA on here as well so ask away. Anime is life!! So def want to share the anime/manga love!!
@luffynewman fantastic, you certainly know your stuff! So is the manga book coming out in January the complete set of all the weekly shonen jump that you have been reading?
@dallaskaiser2 I've been keeping up with t for almost a year on shonen weekly or SJW on my app and always read each week releases of that and OP and stuff. World trigger and a handful of others. I'd say u can find it online otherwise if u can buy year subscription to Shonen Jump and then buy the old ones too they are cheap. And it's def worth it for all the most recent of manga.
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