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Planning a trip to Korea? Or maybe even planning to live there!! If so here's 10 superstitions you should probably know.

1) Fans Can Kill You

Yes the machines that keep you cool throughout the night can secretly kill you!! Apparently, a spinning fan in an enclosed space will suck out all of the oxygen in a room eventually leading to you suffocating to death.

2) Don't whistle or sing at night

Don't do this. Unless you want to attract some want to attract some unwanted attention from spirits, ghosts, and demons. There's also the chance of snakes even appearing!!

3) Don't shake your legs

If you're fidgeting and shaking your leg right now, STOP!! According to this superstition, you're literally shaking off your good luck and wealth.

F) The number "4" is an unlucky number

This superstition stems from China actually. In Chinese, the number 4 sounds very similar to death, and that belief crossed over to Korea. In elevators four is usually replaced with an "F".

5) Writing someone's name in red ink will cause them to die

In Korea, the names of the dead used to be written in red ink. Today, it is said that writing someone's name in red ink signifies that they will die soon!!

6) Dream of Pigs?

Yepo that's right. Try to dream more of pigs because in Korea they are a symbol of wealth and luck

7) Dream of Someone Dying!!

As bad as that may sound, dreaming of someone dying actually signifies future luck for that person.

8) Eat lots of sticky food before an exam

Going to Korea to study or go to school? One Korean superstition is to eat sticky foods, like toffee and yut (traditional Korean candy). Sticky foods are said to help knowledge "stick" in your head better!!

9) Shoes As Gifts

It is said giving your significant other shoes causes them to run away from you, effectively ending the relationship.

10) Don't walk down Deoksugong Path with you significant other

Waking down Deoksugong Path in Seoul means that you and your significant other will split soon. This superstition is actually rooted in history, as wedded couples needed to walk down that path to the Seoul Family Court if they wanted a divorce.

Hope these help with your future plans to Korea lol!!! And comment what you think of these superstitions :D

I always sing at night 馃槄 it's a habit now also the gif at the 7th one was also my reaction 馃槀
Singing at night? Really? Then I guess they should stop idols from performing at night lol
maybe thats why I'm unlucky... I'm always shaking my legs.... it runs in the family.. Welp I'm screwed.
I've actually seem #9 Shoes as gift in a kdrama :) Thanks for the heads up!
the one about the fan always makes me laugh! 馃槀
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