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Going along with our >>Cafe Talk!<< here's a dessert card! This will walk you through a few desserts you might want to order in Korea :D

Here are some normal dessert words:

Ice cream: 아이스 크림 (a-i-seu keu-rim)
Cupcake: 컵 케잌 (keop ke-i-keu)
Cake: 케잌 (ke-i-keu)
Cookie: 쿠키 (koo-ki)

And some specifically Korean:


What is bingsu you ask? ONLY THE MOST DELICIOUS THING ON THIS PLANET. It's shaved ice, some sweetened condensed milk, and a ton of delicious toppings depending on what kinds you get.
팥빙수 - this is the traditional kind, 팥 (paht) is sweet red bean!
커피빙수 - coffee bingsu usually has coffee ice cream and espresso on top!
과일빙수 - fruit bingsu has a bunch of fresh fruit on the top :)


Korean toast is the BOMB. It is thick and cut into squares and covered in yummy things like honey or chocolate or whipped cream! It is either called "Toast" or simply "Bread" :)
허니 브레드 - (heo-ni beu-re-deu) Honey Bread!
초코 토스트 - (cho-ko to-seu-teu) Choco Toast!


Waffles are not just for breakfast! They are meant to be served covered in ice cream and whipped cream and chocolate goodness!
초코와플 (cho-ko wa-pul) - Chocolate waffle
과일와플 (kwa-il wa-pul) - Fruit waffle
딸기와플 (ddal-gi wa-pul) - Strawberry waffle

Pick your item and say "주세요" at the end!

What's your favorite dessert?

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I LOVE IT I love to see more of these but also with different types of stuff but overall I love it
초코 토스트 추세요! I'd like to try the Choco Toast!
Please give give a lot of examples like these .Its really helpful.
피짜 주세요
ive had bingsu before and i think it was the traditional one. it was really yummy i couldnt stop eating it. XD