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One Piece: Dressrosa ⚠️Spoilers!⚠️
Okay. So I've watched the entire anime, up until Dressrosa. I'm completely caught up on the manga so I knew how intense Dressrosa was so I decided to stop watching until Dressrosa's arc was done airing. HOWEVER, I knew I'd cheat when a certain thing happened. So, can someone who's caught up on the anime tell me if we've seen gear fourth yet?!
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no gear fourth hasn't come out on the next episode is when zoro takes out picka and i dont think is coming out for at least 3 more episodes because there going to make luffy and don flamingo fight kind of long but then again this are my thoughts... you so you know im also keeping up with the manga so i known i also want to see gear fourth revealed on the anime.
Dang.. So it's pretty far in the arc but yet it still has a ways to go. Yea I'm definitely ready to see gear fourth in action! Lol thanks! (: @sergio2333