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Okay, it has been quite some time that I found this app and met all you wonderful people!!! I think it has been about two months (I am not so sure but I feel this is the closest!)
I just wanted to take some time to thank you for the wonderful memories I am making with you!! All the giveaways that have happened, all the laughs, everything!!!
I am so glad to have found this app and finally feel like I belong somewhere, where I feel truly loved!
So thanks to all those who take the time to read my posts, and comments! Also liking and clipping!!!
Look at these numbers!! Oh my, I never in my life have seen these types of numbers in any social media I have!!!!
Tagging the usual (I guess)
Thank you very much and of course heh @ArmyofKookie
@destiny1419 Hah yeah I also am glad to be in your friends list ^-^
Yay I feel the same way this is the first social media type app that I actually fit in. I am glad you like it here. I'm glad I'm part of your friends list as well. \(^u^)/
-Hugs back- heh @CreeTheOtaku
Aws~~ I'm happy for you ^^ glad I'm part of le friend group AHHAHAHAHAHAGGS //runs away
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