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but the summary i read from it seems kinda lame!! can someone give me an amazing sales pitch on it? I just finished Naruto and want another anime to cling to! Please comment!
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it is my favorite anime, I recommend you watch it.
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being completely honest, the Manga is better, but it always is. but fairy tail is an amazing anime. the few flashbacks you get are pertinent and you actually WANT to see them. plenty of action packed battles and a TON of comedy.
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Well it is a show directed more towards girls. There are some good fight scenes and what not, and there are plenty of guys that do like it as well. You'll just have to check it out
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It a MUST WATCH anime really good
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the beginning is a little weird but it has an awesome plot with amazing and unique characters the animation and drawing is well done compared to some other anime.
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