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but the summary i read from it seems kinda lame!! can someone give me an amazing sales pitch on it? I just finished Naruto and want another anime to cling to! Please comment!
um here's what I know .......ITS DA BEST WATCH IT YOU WONT REGRET IT EVER
if you want my opinion, I think the mangas are better. They pull you into the story better. Get passed the, I want to say, the first five episodes then the Fairy Tail anime gets better. it'll have more of a plot then.
It's a battle anime that is continuously ongoing with eventual deep past history plots and such in a similar way to naruto just basically a different format in that it's magic and not shinobi. I'd def suggest watching it. Get enough episodes in and you'll like it a lot of I liked battle anime style like naruto/ bleach/ op with good twists back stories and continuous addition of newer characters changing sides and new fighting styles and moves along with everyone growing stronger and closer together!! Give it a shot if your looking for a lengthy anime as well. Psycho pass was a good shorter anime I'd also suggest a given but steins hate if you haven't as well as angel beats for shorter anime. Angel beats is shorter yet. There are endless animes to watch.
It a MUST WATCH anime really good
being completely honest, the Manga is better, but it always is. but fairy tail is an amazing anime. the few flashbacks you get are pertinent and you actually WANT to see them. plenty of action packed battles and a TON of comedy.
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