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Welcome to the second edition of "Fear and Loathing in the 21st Century, or Tess' Thought of the Day." If you have a thought you'd like to share please tag me! And I can clip it into the collection. Today's thought has to do with thinking about the past.
When we look back on our accomplishments, whether we view them as victories or failures, one thing is certain...they're finished. Over. Done with. We cannot go back and relive the great moments in our lives. All we can do is use them as fuel for the future. Likewise with the hard stuff. We can't go back and change it. It's gone. Memories only exist in hindsight.
What are your thoughts?
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memories only live when we let them..
2 years ago·Reply
I have a hard time with this my accomplishments I barely even look at or pass them off as luck or something to say I didn't really do it while pain and mistakes stick to me like glue staying with me even years later I'm trying to get rid of this habit but as they say old habits die hard
2 years ago·Reply
I know how you feel @Jason41, it's hard to accept anything you do honestly...I have a hard time figuring out what matters and what doesn't. There's too much pressure. Too much information.
2 years ago·Reply
Over thinking is my weakness and a strength but unfortunately I only focus on my problems because what's the point of focusing on the good when it's already happened there's no need to fix it no need to improve it anyway thank you Tess for understanding
2 years ago·Reply
my thought of the day..IT'S NEVER RIGHT TO DO THE WRONG THING..ponder that
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