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So about a week or two ago I posted my lock screen and lately Ive been seeing people post their homescreen so..yeah heres mine
By the way anyone enjoying their new songs... I love Apology baby Bobby is amazing
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I loved your GD wallpaper as well hes my bias sooo haha yeah the video is sister cried haha
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and thank you btw 😁😁😁 @Jiyongixoxo
2 years ago·Reply
@DianaCastaneda lol It was really sad but I think the only reason I didn't cry is because I saw the behind the scenes first and Junhoe said he cried for real and I couldn't stop laughing at that
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@DianaCastaneda and thank you! GD is my love so had to put him as my wallpaper lol
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haha i used to have him but then namjoon took my harteu a while back and now bobby haha
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