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You've seen, probably, a half dozen cards on flowers that were created by the talented Kiana Underwood, of Tulipina Design. And if you've seen them, then you know that the designs I feature from her are ALWAYS decorative florals. Well, this is the FIRST Tulipina Design photo that is of a bridal bouquet. Go ahead and check, see if I'm lying. You can see all my floral cards here.
Even Underwood, who isn't a fan of red florals herself, couldn't stop gushing over this epic bridal bouquet! And it really is stunning.
If you know me, then you know WHY this design is so spectacular. It's all in the visual texture that I talk about all of the time. Don't just throw red flowers together. You want dimension and gorgeous texture. That means choosing floral varieties that make your eye work, to notice all the details. The shapes, the composition... The color is important too because you want to mix other reddish (and non-red) florals in the mix to make a red bouquet pop.
If it was just one shade of red or one style of flower it would be very one-dimensional and boring. Plus, it'd get lost in the photos. What you see here is compelling for all the reasons I mentioned in the aforementioned paragraph.
Take your time and really think about your bridal flowers. Don't rush through it. Get the most out of the money you're spending by truly understanding the flowers that are going into your wedding design. The colors. The textures. The mixes. All of it.
Always feel free to ask me questions and give your thoughts too!
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