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Today Lightly asleep underneath The noisy smog ridden overpass, I feel the pulse of indignation And wear the cloth of injustice That no one can see. Today It is man against woman Color against race Peace against war I Smell the decay Of the human spirit As it crushes the soul, A toe on a cigarette that's been Tossed to the floor Today The burning of the tongue Sears the heart that's still soft And The rhyme to the reason Has forged its own unbeaten path. To follow is ignorant, hardly bliss To stay is artificially sweet Today Wisdom travels behind That desolate human spirit and The chiseled disguise of concern melts to gray The new fashion of obscurity Looks out from veiled eyes Today what's right in this world is gone what's left behind us is tattered and wrong Tomorrow awakens a dawn of a different day In a world gone indifferent To another man's pain
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This is a great poem...thanks for sharing!
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@GeorgeMaltez894 you're welcome. The images are sad. 馃様
2 years agoReply
@mchlyang thank you for reading it!
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@ljhgeist Nice! Your poem is featured in Top Stories! Congrats!
2 years agoReply
@mchlyang thank you! I just noticed that myself. I feel special! 馃榾
2 years agoReply