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Well I've been a part of the community for a little while now ( about a month or so), so i figure it's about time i introduce myself. HELLO VINGLE!!! I go by the name of Austin and i have for 19 years, I'll be 20 in January (i know I'm old xD) and my interests include music, anime, video games on occasion ( mainly fighting games) and reading manga. I am originally from New York City, The Bronx specifically, though i now reside in the sunshine state also known as Florida. I have 3 tattoos pierced ears and a pierced eyebrow. My favorite anime is by far Fairy Tail and my favorite character is Natsu (I know the picture i chose is of Gajeel but give me a break the picture was bad ass xD). I am 100% Hispanic half Puerto Rican and half Honduran though I barely know any Spanish. My goal is to take a trip to Japan someday and study the culture firsthand. I am currently single though i don't think that information matters here lmao I'm waiting until the day i find the girl i can relax and watch anime with xD. Well that's enough about me i guess i hope we can all be great friends
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gosh life would be so interesting
I'm half Mexican and half Honduran
that's awesome i never thought I'd meet a fellow Honduran on here xD @ReynaWithLove
@amedina0125 I know right I felt the same way
and another Honduran who loves anime at that what are the chances of that xD @ReynaWithLove