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Well I've been a part of the community for a little while now ( about a month or so), so i figure it's about time i introduce myself. HELLO VINGLE!!! I go by the name of Austin and i have for 19 years, I'll be 20 in January (i know I'm old xD) and my interests include music, anime, video games on occasion ( mainly fighting games) and reading manga. I am originally from New York City, The Bronx specifically, though i now reside in the sunshine state also known as Florida. I have 3 tattoos pierced ears and a pierced eyebrow. My favorite anime is by far Fairy Tail and my favorite character is Natsu (I know the picture i chose is of Gajeel but give me a break the picture was bad ass xD). I am 100% Hispanic half Puerto Rican and half Honduran though I barely know any Spanish. My goal is to take a trip to Japan someday and study the culture firsthand. I am currently single though i don't think that information matters here lmao I'm waiting until the day i find the girl i can relax and watch anime with xD. Well that's enough about me i guess i hope we can all be great friends
nice I'll be 20 as well in April lucky you
awesome, dude! welcome (kinda?) also, if 20 is old then i'm real old at 23 >.<
I'm half Mexican and half Honduran
Lmao so do other people i know but i don't know i just never really got into it i was too busy trying to ship myself i guess xD @ladybuglove17
I'm not gonna lie when he gave his speech to Sting during the Grand Magic Games i cried a little xD @ladybuglove17
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