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[Text: If you tried your best, you did enough.]
@TessStevens had the brilliant idea of doing a Thought of the Day, so here's mine.
I've been thinking a lot about burn-out. It happens a lot among freelancers (turns out that keeping your own hours isn't as stress-free as it sounds). It's also something that activists have become more concerned with lately. When you're going to rallies and supporting people who need resources, or contributing to important legislation and volunteering... it can be exhausting. People feel like they need to be saving the world all the time. It's impossible. Often we forget to take care of ourselves along the way.

So here's my thought of the day: If you tried your best, did what you could and took care of yourself, then you did enough. Good job.

THIS is everything. I'm always wrestling with the idea that I'm never ever doing enough. Like life will never give a break, or the satisfaction that I desire. It seems that if we are putting effort into things...we can accomplish them. Love the simplicity of this. No convoluted ideas here, just the truth. thank you so much @shannonl5
my thought of the day....if you only give 50% your life will only get half way through..if you demand 100% of yourself but only got to 50 then you've made it 100%......cause you did your best...have a great day one and all
@TessStevens absolutely! We all push ourselves hard sometimes, and that can be a good thing, but we would all benefit from taking a moment (or several) to appreciate what we've accomplished. @kikid123 that's a great thought of the day :D
thanks @shannon15 :-)