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I was reminded of this episode of roommate on Facebook recently....and again I bawled like a baby. I love how much Jackson loves his mom it's so sweet and their reunion is enough to warm your heart.
I cried too. I ended up in the bathroom so no one else could see.
I refuse to watch this again because I bawled like no tomorrow when I watched this episode , it was way too much for me heart seeing how much he loves his mom and how sweet this was melted my soul
I cryed so easy and usually it hard to make me cry😭😭😭😭woww~~
I watched it by myself... then with my sister... and then with my mom.... I bawled like a baby each time made my chest hurt. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa..... I'm not hitting play.. xp
I cried. I cried so very hard. My sentiment soul was all the feels.