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Lock & Home Screen Challenge: Modern Art Edition

Thank you to @amobigbang and @AleciaReedy for tagging me in this challenge! This might surprise some of you since this isn't in the Marvel community... but it's because neither my lock or home screen is fandom related! In addition to my love for comics and other nerdy stuff, I also really love art!
My lock screen is All Art Has Been Contemporary by Maurizio Nannucci.
My home screen is Iago's Mirror by Fred Wilson.
This is a real mirror, only instead of silvering the artist painted the glass black. Seeing your reflection in it is really jarring. Mirrors by nature distort images, showing the reverse of what it sees.

So now you all know what a hipster I am.

I took both photos at the Museum of Fine art in Boston. It's one of my favorite places on earth. Did you know that curators and employees of the museum were some of the greatest heroes of WWII? They went abroad despite being too old/unfit for the draft, so they could work to protect the art and heritage of Europe from the destruction of the war. Now, the museum is dedicated to education and outreach so everyone understands where we come from and how we can grow. I used to skip school as a kid to go there (I was the world's tiniest truant).

I've grown older and moved away, but Boston will always be my home.

I'm glad that I left- for a lot of reasons. It gave me the freedom to escape some pretty toxic relationships, to test my mettle against the world, and frankly it forced me to grow up and take responsibility for myself and my actions. The day I took both of these pictures, I'd had a kind of crappy fight with someone and it was this giant reminder of why I'd left in the first place. So I went to the museum because I love it, and because it's comforting to know that it (and what it represents) will always be there. Even though my literal home from my childhood doesn't exist anymore, my Home is always with me. The place where I always felt safe isn't going anywhere, because it's a part of my past and thus, a part of me. Which means the only way to go is forward.
Here's a bonus picture because I really like my tights today! ^_^
@ButterflyBlu @SparkRIDE @InPlainSight haha thanks. Fun tights make everything better :D
I like your tights and shoes, Shan. <3
@shannonl5 LMAO! Yes! <3 <3
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