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The Wiggles Are Making A COMEBACK


Do you remember The Wiggles? They were child icons of the early 90s who entered living rooms across the globe singing their hilarious love for fruit salad...yummy, yummy. However due to member Greg Page's medical condition of chronic fainting, the band slowly began to dissolve in 2006. The other two members Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt departed leaving the only member Anthony Field to keep the Wiggles franchise going.
However, after years of replacement 'Wiggles' and uncertainty in the brand, the four original members have decided to reunite for one final tour! Their plan is to go on an 11 show tour around Australia except with a twist, they will only be performing for an 18+ crowd! It's like every adult child's dream come true!
Their first show will be in a pub on January 2016 starting in Hobart, Australia and then will end on December 22 in Brisbane. Though recently a spokesperson said it's more than likely that final details will push the first show back to February. All proceeds from the concert will go towards a friend of the Wiggles named David Savage. He survived a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan but now remains in a wheelchair due to his injuries.
“We’re pretty excited about [the reunion], I think it’ll be fun,” Cook told Guardian Australia.

Quack Quack Cock-A-Doodle Do adult kids! The Wiggles are coming to an Australian city near you! Should the Wiggles come to the USA, Canada, Ireland, or UK!?

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