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I have been a fan of him since 2011, I didn't know who he was or if it was a band, all I know is that when I heard that cover for Dirty Diana, my heart fell out my chest, it was the most beautiful feeling I have ever experienced in my whole entire life!!!! You are so talented you inspired me to do great things and to believe in me, I read one of this last interviews, it was from Rolling Stone ( funny thing he has a song name that, this it's relating to his current life ) and I never felt such strong connection with an artist, I literally cried for an entire hour, I have the pleasure of have seen you, 3 times and on December 19th it will be my 4th time and this time I want to get a picture with you ! You might forget my face and it might be just one more night to you, but for me it would be the greatest and best night of my entire life ! Thank you Able for being my role model and the person I love the most ! #XOTWOD
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@nicolejb You haven't seen 50 Shades of Grey? Best movie ever! I definitely recommend it!
Lol. I hope you are being sarcastic... @mchlyang...
I LOVE THE WEEKND. actually fell in love with him after hearing a few of his songs because of the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack. (no I didn't see the movie, just love the soundtrack. lol)