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2 days ago France experienced a great tragedy... Terrorists across the city killed over 130 people.

With the incredibly awful events that happened this weekend, it's easy to see the ripple effect of reactions. People around the world reacted to this event strongly. And here are the most important ones... according to me.


The country effected by this tragedy is making some really big steps. Not only are they stepping up security in the city, around the country, but they are also launching airstrikes on ISIS.
Recently they launched fighter jets in their biggest raids in Syria to date, targeting the Islamic State’s stronghold in Raqqa. Over 20 bombs were dropped.


Obama held a press conference after the event. And evoking thoughts and feelings of the 9/11 tragedy the same thoughts change sympathy:
"We’ve gone through these kinds of episodes ourselves. And whenever these kinds of attacks happened, we’ve always been able to count on the French people to stand with us. They have been an extraordinary counterterrorism partner, and we intend to be there with them in that same fashion."
Essentially: America stands with France.

Social Media

Is it just me or is your Facebook feed flooded with images, thoughts, and pictures related to the. In My twitter feed is also blown up with the hashtags.

Three themes I've seen:

The Pray for Paris People - these people are the vast majority, sending sentiments of sympathy.
The 'If Only' People - these are the people that have to bring about another point and use France as a example. If only they had guns, if only they had better security, if only we had stopped ISIS earlier.
The Other Issue People - similar to the if only people, these social media people have thoughts on another issue that they use Paris to bring up. What about the refugees! What about the attack in Beirut! What about...
There also seems to be a big change in profile pictures. (Thanks Facebook!) What are your thoughts on the profile picture change?


A hacker group, Anonymous came forward stating they are officially in War with ISIS. Ok, so I'm normally not a fan of hackers but they seem like they are terrifying. And many news organizations are intrigued by their decision. To date these self-proclaimed "hacktivists" claim to have destroyed 149 Islamic State-linked websites and flagged roughly 101,000 Twitter accounts and 5,900 propaganda videos.
Many people around the world are questioning this groups capabilities, but who knows? It sure is fun to get behind a group of masked hackers.

Helpers Around the World

A famous Mr. Rogers quote is, "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'"

So where are the helpers from the Paris Attacks?

Red Cross went into full swing helping and providing medical assistance for those in the disaster.
The French National Blood Service took donations outside of France.
Taxi cabs in Paris offered free rides home.
Little helpers all over the city put up signs and candles.
#PorteOuverte was the hashtag used to reach out and house those Parisians all over the world.
And these won't be the only reactions. I'm sure we will experience more in the future. And we have our own reaction.

What was your reaction to the French terrorist attacks? What are your thoughts on these reactions?

I was scared, sad, immediately worried for friends who are in France & it got me thinking what can people do to stop these attacks. I don't this will stop now as France has counter attacked right? or are these just articles claiming to be true? This means that the world has become more unsafe. Why can't there be peace & unity? :( This is a warning that you can never be safe :( really really sad reality. Aside from being cautious & more alert, the best that we can do now is pray.
Do you think France made the right decision in sending missiles right away? @shantalcamara Totally @starsun7 @TiffanyWallace :) thanks for sharing your opinions.
truly the first that came to mind was what if I was there and I woke up looking at my window and find police with a body that would be scary
My heart hearts for the people involved in the attack. What is happening to our world and why can't people get along. All this senseless killing needs to stop. But I'm 100% with France.
Terrorism can not be justified.
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