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Start your day with one of these super healthy, superfood-packed meals! From sweet and fruity to savory and satisfying, you'll definitely find one to love.

Oh, and if you're wondering how I made the graphic above, I just used this really simple, free online design tool called Canva! You should give it a try sometime ^_^

1. Superfood Avocado Toast with Kale Tapenade

2. Blueberry Açai Superfood Smoothie

3. Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs

4. Super Cranberry Carrot Bran Muffins

5. Matcha Chia Seed Pudding with Bananas

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Yes, I feel you @rodiziketan. That's why you gotta try making ahead of time!! Although it only works with certain recipes, it's true... you should check out my card on Overnight Oats. Hold on, I'll go find you a link :) it's healthy, yummy, and saves you time in the morning!! Plus fully customizable to suit your tastes and what you've got in the kitchen ^_^
oh gosh, these all look incredible and I bet they all taste amazing as well, but if I only had time in the morning... :(
I have classes in the morning, so I have like 15 minutes to make myself a "breakfast" :) @AlloBaber
Omg all of these sound so good! My stomach is going absolutely nuts right now! Kale Tapenade?? Ugh I need to try that one for sure! Which one is your favorite?