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Starting to re watch black lagoon! Remembered I actually forgot all about all of this anime! Ha well I love it and rock, revy, polar opposites almost but still put them together and works damn good. Benny and Dutch are also a great part of the black lagoon pirate crew! Just another reason right here why I want to be an anime character and a PIRATE! Haha NAKAMA 4 life!!!
Revy is bae
@ReynaWithLove with perseverance comes luck haha. Search long enough and you'll find the perfect anime. They're all perfect for me tho, I have no complaints haha.
@LuffyNewman lol awesome.. I completely know the feeling black lagoon was so unique and to find something similar was so epically awesome... of course 😍😍📺
@ReynaWithLove just went to my list and found out already added jormungand a long time ago. Just hasn't made it to my watching list yet haha still in my plan to watch pile. I moved it to watching now tho. So let's see some anime!! :)
@ReynaWithLove I'll add it to the list. Thanks for the suggestion NAKAMA!! Good to bc I was feeling black lagoon and finished it all again so switched to gintama and need something similar to watch to black lagoon, to big of a jump to go back to gintama after so long.
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