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My friends all say that I would be Changsub from BTOB.

I wonder why....

Is it cause I'm adorable?


Self Confident?

Slightly Judgmental...

and whatever this is?

Personally, I see myself more as a Sandeul.

So who would you be?

(leave your answer in the comments or make your own card^^)

Or you could nominate a friend!

For example, if @byeolbit was an idol I think she'd be Jin from BTS (cause she thinks she's really pretty lol)

All of my friends love to call me ChanBaek because I remind them of ChanYeol and BaekHyun because im so happy and hyper all the time lol
I'm the happy virus of my friend group
I'll probably be be suga, without swag T-T...People say, I'm too serious..
I think I'm like Suga from BTS because A. I sleep a lot B. I always look like I'm judging people ( most of the time I am because they're being really racist and rude) and C. My friends tell me I'm full of swag
My friend says I'm a mix between Chanyeol, J-Hope, and Jackson.. Mostly from the way I look and dress, but personality wise I'm more Chanyeol than anyone lol
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