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It's time for our diva Huang Zitao. He has been receiving a lot of criticism from everyone and guys he's just human he wants to know everything's alright but you keep hurting him. I know what he did to EXO was wrong but the little shit S.M. had it coming.
So anyway onto this grown man who knows martial arts and loves disney....
I love him for being truthful to us and himself. He says whats in his heart and thats more than what many idols do.
It doesn't matter how old this is it still is the best gif EVER! XD
@RainaC3 I'm totally on you with that. But anytime Tao's on the news its because of something bad why can't they talk about his songs!!!
@clandrea170 Exactly!! everyone is so mad at him, no one cares to sit down and actually go "He is doing really good. I'm proud of Tao." like we do, and it makes me sad.
@ErinJaeger absolutely. SM does it all the time. that's why I like JYP. Jackson hurt his ankle so he didn't have him perform at KCON. That's how it should be.
@clandrea170 oh, people are still going on about this??? this happened at the beginning of the year. I mean, yes I was upset about it, but he is doing just fine on his own. it's S.M.s fault it happened anyways
@RainaC3 Basically S.M. made him work even when he was injured and so he left. Though this is justifiable he promised EXO and EXOL he wouldn't leave but left, there was no warning and I think that hurt most of the fans.
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