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So, Adult is a bit suggestive. Buuut, I'm including the steamy and flesh tingling drama staring the love of my life!!

Secret Love Affair

Just typing it out brings back all the feels from this drama. Young piano prodigy is all but admitted to an elite music school when his mother dies. Yep, cue tears; it's devastating. Then there is a miracle. Listen, there is nothing PG-13 about this drama; it's not for children or those who don't like extra-marital affairs.
I chose a tame photo. This drama has everything: affairs (obvi), chaebols, a best friend in love with the male lead, dead parents, jealousy, rivalry, and beautiful music. There is nothing not to love about this drama.

A Gentleman's Dignity

This is a line-up of all star male actors who are older (hence 'adult' drama) and HOT. The story line revolves around 4 guys who have been brothers in crime since high school. They're all in various stages of life: one is married (who cheats?), one is a widower, one is dating, and one is a bachelor. IT'S SO GOOD. The women they're all involved with: one is a property owner in Gangnam, one is related to one of the guys (*wink*), one is a pro golfer, and the other is a high school teacher.
Please watch this and love it as much as I do!

Emergency Couple

A divorced couple see each other at the wedding of a friend. Then they find out their doing their residency at the same hospital. Hijinks and feels ensue. You're not sure if you want them to get together or kill each other. It's wonderful!
Also, if you're a fan of Running Man you'll be pleasantly surprised by Song Ji Hyo. I love love!
omg, is it 2 am.
@kpopandkimchi, what do you think?
@Kamiamon I feel like the longer I stay on Vingle the longer my 'must-watch' list becomes hahahah
A Gentleman's Dignity! My roommate watched this and said it was amazing!!!
@kpopandkimchi it's true. you really must see it!!!