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The second episode of Fusion's Girl Gamers pretty much answers the question: Why do women make games? The collection of interviews in this video is highly informative and to some [including myself] they're inspiring. It's an interesting look into the world/culture of video games, especially if you're looking for something other than the conventional video game experience.
I really enjoyed hearing the stories from each of the designers and how they came to make video games and what they use it for. And throughout the whole episode, it feels like there's one important connection between all of the women in the video. And it's the way they make games in order to express themselves. It really shows that games are being used as an art while they're still trying to be considered one.
Another interesting point is the way they go into describing what the Independent Games Community and some of the conventions (like IndieCade) that help give a stage for these lesser known more Avant-Garde games.
There's something that the host says about 3/4ths through the episode and I think it goes something like, "Games are a conversation between the player and the creator" (I'm sort of paraphrasing but that's the general idea) and I personally believe that sentence rings true for every piece of media but especially games. Games as a conversation is something that I'm more willing to understand because there's no way that you can really interact with another piece of visual media.
Movies and television tend to tell you a story that you have no stake in. But games on the other hand allow you to participate in the stories. And I think that could be the main draw for most of the women interviewed in the video above. It was a really informative watch and I hope you all get the same sort of inspiration that I did after it finished.
This is really cool! I honestly wish I had more time for gaming because all of the titles they named were really interesting. I feel like their question is a little bit silly. Why do women make games? the same reason anyone else does: because the medium appeals to them and empowers them to tell a story or express an idea that the person playing is invested in- like you said. @RobertMarsh @DaniVO @ChosenKnight @SaSevy @DanRodriguez @ButterflyBandit @baileykayleen @kneelb4zod @GinTenma @jibarito @AimeeH @chris98vamg @purplem00n23 @DasiaB what do you think? I actually feel pretty inspired!
I've really not been a gamer in years... just not enough time or money
@Shannonl5 I agree, it also lets them disprove myths and standards that some people have about women as well
@RobertMarsh I'm the same. I usually make an exception a few times a year but it's not something I can dedicate a lot of resources to. That being said it's cool to see that the field is opening up to indie developers! I think it could use some more perspective and like @GinTenma said disprove some myths that some people are still clinging to
@shannonl5 I just gave up almost completely...ㅋㅋㅋ but yes... the contribution of indie developers is very cool