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Just having somebody to share some pocky and surprise the hell out of them XD something so simple and pure but there's always something weighing on our hearts fear and doubts because of past experiences let go let go of the weight be honest with yourself learn from the pain but don't carry it on your back expecting someone else to take care of it for you I make this post to get the point across that we are robbing ourselves of happiness im not saying relationships are easy but don't make them more complicated then they should be granted I've made all these mistakes and more im only just learning to move forward again I'm a broken man still swinging so you can't quit either the fearful, the depressed, the so anxious that it paralyzes you to the core be crazy enough to dream and have a good day everyone ^_^
Forget the kiss, I want to pocky
@Jason41 thank you for posting!! I do the same thing. The fight of "fear and doubt" is something I'm wrestling with right now, trying to make a decision. I don't want to "rob" myself of happiness (as you put it) just because I'm worried about what may or may not happen. Your post was just timely and poignant. Don't stop posting!!
When I get a little too emotional for my liking I write and I thought why not put it here to share with all of you it's something worth while isn't it? I'm sorry if it stirred up bad memories and yes I'm glad I made you all want pocky XD
Yes I needed this thank you
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