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I've already posted an example of how awesome managers are (here) but is that enough? Or would you rather actually be a member of the group?
This is just an hypothetical question so don't worry about your gender, Korean speaking abilities, talent, etc lol.

In the band or the band's manager?

For me, I'm an attention hog so I'd definitely would want to be in my own band. Not necessarily my bias' band cause we'd inevitably fight cause of stress from the job. I'd rather be in an idol group that promotes regularly with my bias group :3
I would rather be a boy band's manager because I want to take good care of them than the company would. If management is awesome the more they would want to work and succeed than breaking the rules. I also want be the one they can talk to if they are having a hard time. πŸ˜„
Be the manager... of BTS!!😍
I'd rather be a manager because I have a natural motherly instinct that makes me want to take care of everyone and I tend to get overprotective. I like to drive people places and I like to get where I have to be on time. Also, I am good at remembering things so I wouldn't forget their schedules. Also, taking care of my oppas, eonnis, and dongsaengs is something I've always wanted to do. λ‚΄κ°€ λ„ˆν¬λ“€μ„ μ‚¬λž‘ ν•΄μš”! naega neohuideul-eul salang haeyo!
The manager!!!! I like being in control! I don't think I would like all the attention of being in a group :) TOO SHY! :3
I would like to be their manager! I have stage fright and I prefer to be in the backstage so yeah
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