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Korean 101: 6 Easy Phrases with Molang!

As you might have guessed, I love Molang :3

So this cute little rabbit is here to teach you some phrases today! All the phrases are informal, so to be more polite add the [] (yo) to the end of each phrase. (example: 배 고파 = 배 고파요 :D )
배 고파 [요] - I'm hungry! (bae go-pa-yo) 배 불러[요] - I'm full! (bae bul-leo-yo)
오늘 날씨 어때[요]? - What's the weather like today? (o-neul nal-shi eo-ttae-yo) 비 와[요]! - It's raining! (bi wa-yo)
너무 졸려[요] - I'm sleepy (neo-mu jol-lyeo-yo) 잘 자[요]! - Sleep well! (jal ja-yo)

I hope you enjoyed learning with Molang!

I really like yelling 배 고파요. I've done it so much that my Mom yell back at me to go find food
if this is an app i want it
is this an app?
Love!! So cute!
Cool bruh!! thank you you so much😘
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