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A battle of epic proportions is on your horizon...

Here's how it works! Check your birth month to find your comic book team. Then look at your birth day to find your anime character. Imagine what would happen if they had to fight to the death! How do you think that epic battle would turn out?

The comic book teams!

Look for your birth month to find out which team you have!

The anime all-stars!

Check your birth day to find out which super-powered hero is going to face them!

What's the result of your epic battle?

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Birds Of Pray VS Itachi
Batfam Vs. Kenshin. Dude I dunno this'd be pretty close (at least both sides have a 'no killing' policy)
@authoress97very true. One thing's for sure, I would definitely want to see that fight!
justice league vs buu