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[POLL] Which Funny TV Shows Are You Watching Right Now?
Hello, Funny Community! I've tagged you all because I've been brainstorming a few different ways we can get more fun fandom-related stuff going on among all of the Vingler homies that we're usually laughing together with on here everyday, and I was thinking of starting with creating little fan cliques based on which funny TV shows we all love!
I just started a new one for people who watch 'Rick & Morty', and we'll be doing a lot of fun discussions relating to the show and its characters in the coming weeks while we wait (FOREVER. LITERALLY FOREVER.) for the next season to start.

Is there a funny TV show on air right now that YOU really like watching?

Personally, I'm a loyal follower of 'Jane The Virgin' and 'Scream Queens' and will fangirl over either of them at the drop of a hat if needed, but what I want to know is what YOU guys are into! If there's enough of us into the same ones, we can make little fun games and contests around it!
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