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Having fun playing Fallout 4? Yeah, I know you are. It's a fun one. But what if the virtual world is getting a little to stale for you. Or you actually live in the Northeast and it's starting to get cold and you need to warm yourself up a bit. Then maybe you should try and make your own Shishkebab!
[actually, please don't do this at all, you'll probably hurt yourself or worse someone will call you a giant nerd]
Caleb Kraft (that's a pretty appropriate name) and the folks at Make: recently put up a video of a working Shishkebab replica. They took some concept art from Fallout 4 and used those as a blueprint for the weapon (as any normal human being would) before they made it. And it resulted in something that looks pretty awesome and pretty real to the game.
I thought it was pretty funny how they tested it on some props. When I clicked on the video, I thought they were just going to make it and that's it. But the fact that it, well, works is all kinds of awesome. Although, I don't know why anyone would want to make this on their own. I don't know if I'd ever try and do it myself out of fear of burning alive but if it's something you want to do there's one thing you should know before you start:

Don't do this. Don't. Just don't. That's it. No, stop asking questions, Steve. Don't do it, it's ridiculous. You can barely chop onions without clipping your finger centimeters shorter. Just don't do it. Alright. I'm watching you, Steve. Don't fucking do it.

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I find those to work well