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Everyone playing Fallout knows that you get a cute little dog companion along the way to follow you and help you scavenge for stuff while you're scavenging for other stuff. And maybe for some, that dog isn't good enough for them. In 7iger's case (a Fallout modder and player), that's true.
So he took it upon himself to mod his dog right into the game. You can check it out above (and swipe right for a comparison to his real dog, Pirate). You know, one thing I've always wanted to do was play video games with my dog and it looks like 7iger is the first person to actually do it.
The Fallout 4 modding community is still in it's infancy so 7iger only retextured Dogmeat (yeah, that's the dog's name in Fallout 4 if you didn't already know) to have the same fur color and pattern of his dog Pirate. Here's to hoping that in the future, we could mod different kinds of dogs into the game (I'm hoping for a Pitbull).
this game is next generation of epic
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