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Sometimes you just have to do something special as a couple.

Escape from the real world for a little while.

Melt into each others' arms.

Let your love be the only thing on your mind.

When the wear and tear of daily life and the mundaneness of your routine starts to become too much, break out this perfect antidote – a weekend getaway.

Keep it super cheap by making it a day trip.

Go to a local botanical garden, a beach, a park, a museum, a day in the nearest big city... even just explore a part of your state you've never been to before. Sightsee. Eat good food. Drink wine. Just have a blast together, and enjoy being spontaneous.

...Or, spend a few bucks and make it a heavenly overnight!

Highly recommended: rooms with gigantic bathtubs. Places off the beaten path, with lots of nature (accommodations should be cheaper if you're somewhere less popular or traveling during the off season). Delicious food nearby. Lots of wine.
There's really no way to not feel like it's a special occasion when you're taking a long, hot soak complete with candles, a glass of red wine, and the person you love. Treat yourselves to a weekend filled with nothing but each other; you'll find the glow follows you for the rest of the week.

Have a great trip, LoveBugs! :)

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Where's your favorite romantic getaway @allobaber?