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I know, winter is coming and everything, but November has been so warm here in Slovenia, it's like early September. And I know I should be making all those hot drinks and winter related cocktails by now, but I just couldn't get out of my skin to make myself one FROZEN margarita. And it felt quite good. @marshalledgar I know it's always warm in L.A. so you understand :)
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Yeah, he's actually a former bartender from France, so he knows all the French techniques. You should see this guy's bar at his house! Incredible!! @rodiziketan
it sounds incredible, now I really want to se his house haha :) @marshalledgar
YES PLEASE. This looks incredible!! Ahh! And the scenery too! <3_<3 Never have I wanted so badly to visit Slovenia!!!
It's been so long since I've whipped myself up a cocktail @rodiziketan... I miss it :(
my balcony view :) @AlloBaber you should really come to Slovenia, and you could have cocktails as well haha