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Natural hair empowerment is moving through all corners of the globe, and it's gorgeous. Just recently, on November 7th, Brazil had its first ever natural hair empowerment march ("Marcha do Empoderamento Crespo").
A Facebook group called Curled and Curled created the event. Organizers Lorena Lacerda, Andrea and Naiara Souza said the need for such an event was needed.
“Women suffer from both sides. Racism and sexism. Therefore, we use the concept of empowerment. From the aesthetics, the woman empowers and empowers the community” [translated]
Naiara Souza also stated that hair is a symbol, a pretext to fight racism.
Brazil has a very large black population. It's very amazing to see the afro-latino community joining together to celebrate black hair and beauty.

Here's some of the photos from the march:

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Woman of color are the shit i swear i overdose all the time
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this is awesome!
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That's great
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Ahhhh so cool! :)
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