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My bias list. Fully embracing my inner wannabe-stalker
So, I woke up to early, and thought I'd kill some time and try my hand at making a card. Here goes.
Gimme some Suga! Until Vingle, I had never seen a Bangtan Boys video, had no idea who they were. Suga as Naruto....fml. He's so squishy and adorable!!!!
Oh my darling, GD is where my every innermost stalker focuses. Seriously....cute, cool, adorable, sexy, talented....proof God exists....and hates me.
REN!!!!!! I really don't know for sure, but this kid just makes me squeal! OMG he's so pretty!!! I'm jealous...oh so jealous.
And last, but not least, though technically non-existent on any plain of reality, my Kakadhi, Shika-kun, and whoever the Hozuki cosplayer is...dude, you did a really good job. Respect!
And that concludes my i-wanna-take-a-long-walk-with-you-within-the-boundaries-of-the-restraining-order-why-don't-you-love-me-you-dog! list. So tell me, who is in your top five?
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