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Hello my name is sergio im 17 years old I'll be 18 in February and i just joined... haven't been watching anime for long probably i have a year or so.... but the first anime i watch was Dragon Ball Z back when i was still 5. then after along time some friends told me about sword art online and i like it but is not my tipe of thing so i started watching one piece and i got in to it and cough up with the story pretty fast i also like fairy tail, but my favorite is one piece and i got to say that my favorite character is zoro as yall can see i may not have long on watching anime but i would like to hear some recommendations of what else i can watch so if yall got anything please hit me up.
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inuyasha, full-metal alchemist, d grayman, Natsume and friends, Nura: Rise of the Yokai, Bleach, Death Note, Death Parade, Is it okay to pick up girls in a dungeon?, the devil is a part-timer, blood can stretch into eternity and beyond. Magi, K, Samurai Champloo, Hozuki no reitsu, yu-yu hakusho, cowboy bebop, desert pubk, fooly cooly....etc etc etc
thanks @petname83 I'll definitely check does out
anytime @sergio2333