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Snuper 'Shall We Dance' MV *Hot Debut*

OMO! So cute. Meet the boys of Snuper in their debut mv 'Shall We Dance'. The song was honestly so adorable and I can't wait to see their first live stage so I can see more of their adorable choreo. Now let's meet the boys.
Name: Su Hyun Postition: Vocal Birthday: 91-10-01 Blood Type: A
Name: Sang Il Position: Vocal Birthday: 93-05-01 Blood Type: O
Name: Tae Woong Position: Rap Birthday: 94-05-24 Blood Type: A
Name: Woo Sung Position: Vocal Birthday: 94-09-24 Blood Type: A
Name: Sang Ho Position: Vocal Birthday: 95-02-10 Blood Type: A
Name: Se Bin Position: Rap, Maknae Birthday: 96-04-24 Blood Type: O
Check out their new MV and lets give the fresh boys of Snuper support. SNUPER FIGHTING!!!
@glo86 i know they really are all so cute
@Jiyongixoxo Same!!!
Taht was cute and all, but I'm still confused by the chickens?????
Sang Il and Su Hyun!
Sang Il stole my heart though lol.
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