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My Vingle pal @RaquelArredondo has been publishing a lot of really interesting "Did you know?" fun facts. So we thought it would be fun to do a card a week on something we wonder about and can learn about!

This week's Wonder About It Wednesday: Ever wonder how we would explain our world to aliens?!

Ok, ok so we haven’t found intelligent life in out space yet BUT if we ever did, NASA sure is prepared.

Or at least they were in 1977, when they launched they Voyager 1 and 2 mission.
They shot enormous amount of information at the planets far away including a recorded message from astronaut, 90 minutes of music, and 116 images.
Most explain human anatomy, our different ecosystems, languages, and math. They avoided images of the bad stuff: war, poverty, etc.

What photo would you pick to explain our world to aliens?

I think I would send them a cute cat meme, just to make sure they giggle with the cuteness. Plus they would laugh at my cleverness. @danidee would appreciate the alien giggles.
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It's kinda like humans though. @AshelyJewell like if you think about it, when you first meet someone new you only really tell them the good parts about you, they learn the bad stuff later. haha unless you hide it well.
of course they skipped the bad parts. No one wants to expose their demons on the forst date.
exactly @nicolejb
@AshelyJewell lol true! Of course you should tag me, but I'll see it anyway, lol.
Yay!!! Thank you for the inspiration @RaquelArredondo ☺️
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