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Ok guys here it is!!! B. 5 facts about my ideal type. Requested by @danidee @thePinkPrincess @SehunsQueen
1. Have a sense of Humor
I have always seemed to have a crush on the funny guys so at this point it's almost a must. Plus I don't have time to laugh these days so I need someone who will always be there to make me smile
2. Someone that loves me for not only my looks but my personality as well. I don't want anyone that will like me for only my looks because I'll feel that don't really love me but my appearance.
3. Smart I tend to like smart guys over stupid ones. I mean you don't have to be Einstein but I don't want you to be some guy who can't even add 2+2
4. A problem solver I like a guy who can generally solve problems because I myself am not good at that so I'll need someone to help me make some of my decisions in life.
5.Outgoing I am a really shy person, you can ask anyone. I am also antisocial so I tend to like and be inspired by outgoing guys.
AHHH I loved this! Thanks for making this. I feel like we have really similar taste. I like the outgoing guys too! :D Most of my K-Pop biases are the loudmouths in their group.
@danidee Same!!!!