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In my art class (I'm still in hs but almost done!) we had to draw a portrait of someone and I just so happen to look over at my phone. I was watching the music video for 'Fantastic Baby' (my favorite song) and I see TOP being sexy looking at the camera so my brain screamed "WE MUST DRAW TOP!!! HE IS SUPER HAWT SO WE MUST!!!!!" And I drew him in a manga-like style. Hope you guys like it~!!!!! When I get this back I'm going to cut him out and put him on a different background!
No..just do any pose.....try big bang loser for help..I like his look in that
@JohnEvans is there a pose from a specific music video that you'd like me to draw?
I mean Taeyang
@cardboardart Can you draw Taeang with the comb back blonde hair..mid that's not too hard lol
@JohnEvans yeah sure! Who do you have in mind because I'm always up for more ideas!!!
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