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If you were a kpop idol who would you be.
I stole this idea from the amazing @kpopandkimchi lmao.
So for me I've been told I'm like a mixture of a lot of BTS members. My friend at school calls me suga bc I love him so much and I act like a angry mom but to me I feel like I'm V
V has a very mixed personality. And bright personality

He's so cute

Like me lmao He's wayyy cuter than me

He's hella dorky

Tbh that's a lot of me all the time


I guess I'm kinda hot. Just when I'm in cosplay

He always seems to bugging JIN while he's eating or eating food.

I always bug people for food.
V is that one kid that is all over and curious about everything lmao. He's MEE
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