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We all fall under a category.

Just how there happens to be a certain type of lover, there is also a certain type of couple. According to researchers, there happen to be four types of couples and out of these four -- only one out of the bunch are likely to stay together over the course of time. According to, "Researcher Brian Ogolsky of the University of Illinois looked at the relationships of 376 unmarried couples in their mid-20s and focused on the couple as a unit, instead of what many researchers have typically done, which is focus on individual components of the relationship. The research followed the couples' interest in getting married over a period of nine months, which of course varied due to current fights the couple were having or certain personal differences." Ogolsky came to the conclusion that these four types of couples were made up of: the dramatic couple, the conflict-ridden couple, the socially involved couple, and the partner-focused couple. From just reading those four types of couples, you can obviously tell the negative from the positive. Although we would all like to fall under the category of the positive couple, that's a rarity for many of us. If you're curious to find out exactly what type of couple you and yours would fall under keep scrolling to see the definition of each.

The Dramatic Couple

This couple is known for "couples who spent less time together, and had a lot of ups and downs". They made up the largest percentage (34%) of the group according to Ogolsky.

The Partner-Focused Couple

These type of couples value one another despite their differences and have been together for quite some time. Their main focus is growth and progress. According to Ogolsky, these couples came in very close in second play with a percentage of (30%).

The Socially Involved Couple

The majority of us more than likely fall underneath this category whether we like it or not. If you're in a relationship and your relationship is consumed with social media, you were more than likely fall under this category. These couples are known for interacting with one another via social media making up (19%) of the group of couples.

The Conflict-Ridden Couples

Although constant fighting can be prevented, sometimes those who fight the most have the strongest relationships believe it or not. Conflict-Ridden couples are known for constant fighting, but they still manage to hold their relationship together at the end of the day [having a much more stable relationship than dramatic couples] -- making up the remaining (12%) that is leftover.
Based on the four couples above:

What type of couple are you and yours?